5 minutes with DigiByte’s Android Developer, Noah Seidman

Digibyte Adroid Developer

Coinranking gives all the information you need on thousands of cryptocurrencies. But what are they all about and who is behind them?

We asked several cryptocurrency projects for 5 minutes of their time to get the answers. All within a 5-minute read! Today, we speak with Noah Seidman, Android Developer at DigiByte.

Noah Seidman:

Noah worked at many companies over the years, including Universal Studios and most recently Microsoft. His involvement with Digibyte started with participation from an investment perspective. Noah has two daughters and a spectacular wife. According to Noah: “I can confidently say, I don’t know how she does it.”

“I’ve been personally coding Android since 2009, and coding Android professionally since 2011. Times have changed over the years, the app market was very different back then. There were only a thousand apps on the Android Market when I released my first app; I wrote the second, third party, SMS app ever for the Android platform.”

In case someone has never heard about DigiByte, how would you describe it?

“DigiByte is a rapidly growing global blockchain with a focus on cybersecurity for digital payments and decentralized applications. I see great value in a handful of crypto projects. They’ve built atop bitcoin fascinating functionality. DigiByte has some interesting productions like this, including Digi-ID, and Digi Assets, but fundamentally in the core protocol, DigiByte has distinguished itself from Bitcoin. Overall the choice of consensus algorithms, the choice of how to block timing is dynamically adjusted allows DigiByte to stand out significantly.”

Who is the target group and how do they use the DigiByte platform?

“There is no target group. The best way to describe our team’s mentality is progress. We iterate, meaning we just keep only improving what currently exists. Yes, of course, we can speculate on adoption, speculate on use cases, and have hopes and dreams, but we primarily focus on the technology and allow everything else to unfold in a natural way.”

“DigiByte is a passion, a project in which we all love to participate.”

What challenges do you encounter while building out DigiByte? How do you overcome them?

“The biggest challenge, by far, is that we’re all volunteers. We all have jobs and DigiByte doesn’t provide for our financial needs. DigiByte is a passion, a project in which we all love to participate. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be overcome without a fundamentally different approach to the project. We don’t have ICOs, producing billions of dollars which can be dedicated to development and marketing needs. DigiByte is truly a manifestation of earnest interest, donated time, a shared belief in what it offers and merely an observation of its limitless potential.”

What exciting platform updates or product features have you launched, in recent times?

“I’m responsible for DigiByte’s Android offerings and manage the Android DigiByte app. I wrote DigiD Simple and the DigiByte Node Crawler. While I do enjoy working with the DigiByte App, which is the original wallet project, I think there’s tremendous potential for Digi-ID as a technological solution to security needs. I personally believe it can compete with status quote Password Managers.”

What does the near future of DigiByte hold; around product launches, platform extension and/or new partnerships?

“From a core team perspective, there’s some talking about swapping out another consensus algorithm. And we are busy with Digi Assets. Digi Assets is currently in a fully functional Proof of Concept mode. We have a working system that represents what is possible. But it isn’t near production-ready. Regarding product launches and more tangible stuff with real-world relatable context, my colleague could’ve told more about that.”

“I code code code.”

What are you currently working on personally at DigiByte?

“I’m always working on the Android DigiByte App. There’s always something to tweak and improve. Currently, I’m adding video support to Digi Assets.”

What excites you most about working on the DigiByte project?

“DigiByte offers countless solutions to real-world problems. The concept of decentralization is incredibly meaningful; a source of truth in a world where trust cannot be guaranteed beyond the trust of the human word. I’m fascinated by the future, as I spin the clock forward in my mind, so many aspects of countless businesses will fundamentally change with the technology that is being built today.”

Could you describe a typical day at work?

“As I told, DigiByte is a passion project. As an Android Engineer, currently working with Microsoft, I code code code. I build Android apps professionally, always contemplating how to best build manageable, maintainable, and iterable code.”

“I can say things will certainly change, more things rather than less.”

What unusual work tradition do you have as a team? (At Coinranking we play frisbee together after lunch, for our daily exercise). 

“Talking about lunch, I personally don’t do much for it. I’m into ‘intermittent fasting’ and its health benefits, and generally, appreciate it as an achievement of self-control. I do have a funny contradictory philosophy that usually gets a chuckle or two:

  • Just because you’re hungry doesn’t mean you have to eat. 
  • Just because you’re full doesn’t mean you have to stop eating.”

Where will the crypto space be in five years?

“Countless things can happen in the coming years. Some things more extreme than others. Crypto spans not just financials, but record-keeping, communications and contracts which can shape the business model of countless industries in the coming years. Crypto can replace fiat, that’s a broad statement many have encountered, but to achieve such an evolution involves a change in countless political systems. I prefer to focus on things that are quite likely to happen rather than things that can speculatively happen.

There are two things that lead to change. First, the technology needs to work, and second, there needs to be profitability. We are currently in this situation, the technology exists, therefore business will create products that produce a profit. I can say things will certainly change, more things rather than less.”

Lastly, do you have any final things we should know about you or DigiByte?

“Digibyte is a unique project amongst, what I would argue, is only a handful of crypto projects that will maintain longevity. Most will fade away into none existence, some will grow to support entire industries, some may even come to affect political and financial systems. What I do know is that DigiByte will exist, it’s not perishable. There are no financial dependencies to maintain it’s functionality.”

Thanks Noah!

Before moving on…

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