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NFTs released

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July 22, 2020, Groningen, the Netherlands – Coinranking, the Dutch price index of cryptocurrencies, today announced the launch of its non-fungible tokens, in addition to the current cryptocurrency price data.

Coinranking is the first cryptocurrency price tracker in the crypto space, to extend its platform with non-fungible tokens. With over 10,000 cryptocurrencies, Coinranking already provided the most extensive list of digital assets. Now, with the addition of non-fungible tokens, the price tracker has the biggest and widest collection of digital assets on its platform. 

A non-fungible token, shortly said NFT, is a unique digital asset stored on the blockchain. These assets exist for quite some time, but thanks to projects like CryptoKitties, NFTs are getting more and more popular. Back in 2018, a CryptoKitty broke records when it was sold for $170,000. (CryptoKitties is a game where players can collect and breed digital cats.)

One of the exciting things about NFTs is the possibility to use them in different virtual worlds. Think of an NFT as a unique pair of virtual shoes or a big, dangerous rocket launcher, only you possess. Instead of leaving it behind in one game, you’re able to take it with you to another one. Your character becomes your digital identity, getting more important and worth over time. How much exactly, you’re now able to check on Coinranking.

Developers will soon be able to use Coinranking’s NFT data in their own apps, which will be enabled by the launch of a new public API. While the NFT category is still in beta, the team is very thrilled about accomplishing its goal, growing its platform to tens of thousands of digital assets. 

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