Christmas Came Early: Try out our API for just $0.01

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

We’ve got a gift for you 🎁

Our team has finally launched the much awaited paid API trials.

Check it out here.

What do you get with our paid plans?

Why choose Coinranking API? 

Coinranking API is the most effortless API on the market and it’s the only one you need. 

 With our service, you gain:

  1. Real-time Price Feeds: Access real-time prices of a multitude of coins, including popular ones like BTC and DOGE, through our seamless websocket streaming service.
  2. Extensive Historical Data: Unlock over a decade’s worth of historical price data, enabling you to craft visually compelling and insightful price charts within your app.
  3. Flexible Subscriptions: Start with our free API subscription or the trial for initial projects and seamlessly transition to our paid plans, tailored for increased API calls and in-depth crypto price data as your needs grow.
  4. Reliability: With an uptime of over 99.9% and robust redundancy measures, we ensure optimal operational performance, even during market surges and high-demand periods.
  5. Lightning-fast Response: Experience ultra-low latency of under 100ms by connecting to our network’s 90+ global edge locations, ensuring rapid data retrieval for your users.
  6. Comprehensive Metadata: Access rich metadata for all listed coins, including circulating supplies, social links, logos, block explorers, sparklines, and more, empowering you with a holistic understanding of each coin’s ecosystem.

So, why wait? 

For just $0.01, you get a month’s worth of a paid plan of your choice.

Don’t like it? 

Cancel anytime with no charge. No strings attached. 

Get started with your trial now!

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