MATIC Price Prediction: Post-Crash, MATIC Whales Bet Big on 5thScape for June 2024 Rebound

Polygon (MATIC) experienced a remarkable upswing before encountering fierce resistance at the $0.6285 level. MATIC established a short-term high at $0.6286 and started a new sell-off. It has fallen below the $0.600 and $0.5720 price levels. And it fell below $0.5250 to even a low of $0.5150. The price bottomed at $0.5151 and is in the process of doing a bullish reversal now. The MATIC token rose above the $0.5350 level of resistance. It went above the 23.6% Fib retracement level, extending from the $0.6286 to the $0.5151. For now, the MATIC token is still hovering lower than $0. 560 and the 100 SMA of the four-hour chart. For June 2024, MATIC Whales look to invest significantly in 5thScape after the crash. This proposition might bring huge benefits: an innovative AR/VR ecosystem from 5thScape.

Dive Deep into 5thScape: A VR/AR Platform Fueled by the 5SCAPE Token

Investors’ focus is moving away from MATIC due to its recent price crash after a sell-off. Their focus has now moved towards an exciting new frontier, 5thScape, which is keeping the crypto market abuzz. 

The 5thScape platform is here to disrupt the entertainment industry by making people switch from their old-school cable TVs to the latest immersive VR technology! It is a premium online destination for all things VR, where you can battle it out in virtual MMA fights that will leave you in sweats, indulge in interactive educational modules for engaging learning experiences, or lose yourself in captivating movies and video streams – all within a single, immersive hub.

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The project has gained a lot of traction with its VR-compatible content alone, while its AR integration is still underway. The 5thScape platform is expected to broaden its user base further with the integration of AR features and the addition of more experiences.

Right now, a crowd of VR enthusiasts is excited about the latest launch in its VR gaming hub, the Cage of Conquest MMA fighter game. Its upcoming game Epic Cricket Arena, which is scheduled to release in the last quarter of 2024, is also keeping everyone, especially the online gaming community, on the edge of their seats. 

Your VR Passport: Exploring the Possibilities of the 5SCAPE Token

The 5SCAPE token is more than just a digital currency; it’s your VIP pass to the immersive world of 5thScape. Owning 5SCAPE lets you access a diverse range of VR experiences, including exclusive premium content, games like the highly-anticipated “Cage of Conquest,” and upcoming titles like “Epic Cricket Arena”, “Thrust Hunter” and “Archery Master.”

Holding the 5SCAPE token is the only way to get access to the large number of VR-compatible content offered by the 5thScape platform. Hence, its value is much more than what we can think of!

The Post-Crash Play: MATIC Drops While 5SCAPE Gains

Intriguingly, MATIC whales seem to be betting on 5thScape. Their sizeable investment in the presale suggests they see 5thScape as a potential growth driver, not just for the platform itself but for the MATIC ecosystem as a whole.

5SCAPE token’s value extends beyond entertainment. The global VR market size is forecasted to touch nearly 435.36 billion by 2030, experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.5% from 2023 to 2030. Even the P&S research firm’s conservative growth forecast suggests that the VR and AR market (combined) will reach USD 210.4 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 23.7% from 2024-2030. As VR adoption surges, the demand for the 5SCAPE token, which grants access to a comprehensive VR library, is expected to rise as well.

Furthermore, the strong performance of 5thScape’s presale, exceeding $7 million raised, serves as a powerful indicator of the project’s potential. By aligning yourself with this innovative platform, you are essentially backing a project that is shaping the future of entertainment and catering to the needs of VR technology’s newfound audience. We suggest investing in the 5SCAPE tokens while the project is still at its presale to get them at an affordable price, which will skyrocket after its DEX listing. 

A $500 investment in 5SCAPE tokens or the exchange of existing ETH, BNB, or MATIC holdings for 5SCAPE grants you lifetime free membership to the platform’s VR content hub.  This exclusive benefit is available for a limited period only. Don’t let this exciting opportunity pass you by! Also, you can participate in the project’s ongoing contest with a tempting $100,000 prize pool. Visit 5thScape website now to get more details about the contest. 

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