NFTs in all shapes & sizes

NFTs in all shapes & sizes

NFTs here, NFTs there. NFTs everywhere. 
These tokens are getting more popular by the day. And luckily, you can find them on Coinranking already!

And by now, you probably know that it’s the tokenization and representation of all sorts of things. Plus, that they are all unique, non-fungible, and indivisible. 

So, ‘all sorts of things’, that could mean everything. And, well, that is actually quite true… What kind of projects are we talking about? Get an idea of the different non-fungible tokens out there, here: a list with different categories, with each some examples.

We’ve put the projects in categories, but know that there is overlapping. Besides, it’s just a tip of the veil of all the awesome projects!


NFTs are often described as collectibles, however, that would be an understatement. Though, there are NFTs that are created to collect. 

Adorable digital cats, you can breed, adopt, raise, and trade. These kitties gave NFTs an enormous boost in popularity.

A total of 10,000 pixelated characters to collect. And in fact, the first non-fungible tokens issued. (And an inspiration for the ERC-721 standard.)

Fantasy football cards. Buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with these digital player cards.

Digital art

Digital art, or crypto art. Thanks to NFTs, artists are able to be in control over their digital work. And collectors are now able to have full ownership of their items.

A platform that gives artists and collectors the possibility to create, collect, and trade digital collectibles.

Also, a platform where digital art is tokenized by its creators, that can be bought by collectors.

An example of NFT art; surrealistic digital creations, created by VR sculptor and technologist John Orion Young.


Blockchain-based games in which you can play with – and play to win NFTs.

#Axie Infinity
Raise fantasy creatures called ‘Axie’, in this blockchain-based game. It’s sometimes called the Pokémon of the NFTs.

#Gods Unchained
This is a tactical card game. After you started the game and won yourself some cards, you’re able to trade with other players.

Mycryptoheroes is also a battle game, but instead of cards, you collect and train historical heroes.


Metaverses are virtual worlds on the blockchain. Watch out for never wanting to leave these worlds…

Decentraland is a virtual world that is completely owned by its users.

#Somnium Space
This metaverse has a great focus on the VR experience. (The 2D mode is made mainly for exploration purposes.)

Cryptovoxels was the first blockchain-based virtual world. Sometimes referred to as ‘Blockchain Minecraft’.

Domain names

These projects offer simple (and easy to remember) domain names, that replaces the complicated wallet addresses.

#Bell token
Anyone with the last name ‘Bell’ can add it to their ETH address. The project hosts subdomains through ‘bell.eth’.

#Unstoppable Domains
Users can attach more than 50 different crypto addresses to their crypto domain to receive payments.

And even more…

So, as we said, NFTs come in all shapes and sizes. And next to the projects we named, NFTs will be found as festival tickets, identity authentication, and digital certification. Can you think of more use cases?

Curious? Find NFTs on Coinranking, including prices, descriptions, & more. And stay tuned, because more projects will be added soon!

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