The best 10 gift ideas for crypto enthusiasts

top 10 christmas gifts for. crypto enthusiasts

It’s Christmas time! Not sure what to ask for Christmas this year, or what to give to your crypto buddies? Here are 10 fun gift ideas to put a smile on everyone’s faces on Christmas morning.

1. A physical crypto wallet

A crypto fanatic always preaches “not your keys not your cryptos”. If they have only been using a hot wallet all this time, get em a cold wallet for better safekeeping.

2. Bitcoin-themed socks

Because why not? Everyone loves funky socks for Christmas.

3. Books

There’s always so much to know about the crypto space. New books are being released every day!

4. A spa session

The crypto bear market this year had been pretty rough! All that stress and worrying about the reds in the portfolio. A nice relaxing spa and massage will certainly provide some much-needed time off.

5. Bitcoin Whitepaper Poster

Explaining Bitcoin to a newbie is challenging. Instead, just show them this poster and after they’re done reading it, they would probably get a sense of what it is. Speech energy saved.

6. Crypto newsletter subscription

Being in the crypto space, it’s important to know what is happening at all times. Things move so quickly here. I mean if an exchange could go bankrupt in a day, that says a lot!

7. An extra monitor

If the person is a trader, they would probably appreciate the extra screen real estate. Always a BIG plus to have more screens for charts, newsfeeds, etc.

8. Coins

Ask them what cryptos are they HODL-ing and then get their crypto address. Send them the tokens they like! Easy as that. Or you can just send them Bitcoins. Ain’t nobody gonna reject Bitcoins.

9. Cryptocurrency Mining Set

Perfect for someone who wants to take the next step and mine their own tokens.

Miners can come in a USB format and some are so easy to set up that even the most tech-averse would not have a problem with it.

10. NFTs

If they are into NFTs, just gift them one you think they’d like the most. Select it based on their artsy preferences and who knows, it might shoot up in price!

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