What to do to grow your crypto project

grow your crypto project

So, one day you just thought: ‘Let’s create a cryptocurrency!’ You found manuals and to-do lists online or maybe hired a company that created a coin for you. Let’s say you’ve done all that and your coin is now live.

Awesome, you’ve come so far already. But, your trading volume is low, and you still lack a strong user base that actually uses your coin.

So… what to do now? Well, let us help you with that:

‘Crypto projects, here’s your to-do list’

We draw up a list to make sure your coin will last.

1. Create and grow your community

What is a project without its community? Right, not so much…
So, start with creating a presence on the most important crypto platforms: Twitter and Telegram. Create groups in Telegram, Discord, and Facebook; start a Subreddit on Reddit. It’s all about finding the platforms where your community hangs out.

2. Promote your project

Once you have a community, make sure to keep it. Be active in these groups, post on social media, forums, etc. A good headstart is introducing your project in the Coinranking Community.

3. Get listed on an exchange

Your community is probably already asking: ‘When exchange?’ So, time to get listed on an exchange. This way existing and new investors can trade your coin easily. Be aware that getting listed on an exchange will cost money, in most cases.

4. Get listed on Coinranking

A very important one. 😉 List your coin on Coinranking! Get exposure and attract new investors by being visible on price trackers. And by listing your coin on Coinranking, you will be added automatically to all of our products and those of our partners. (Telegram Bot, Coinhodler, & more)

5. Use the Coinranking API

Power your applications with our API to show your community extensive data about your cryptocurrency. Use it to provide (historical) price data in your project’s block explorer, wallet and other ecosystem apps. See an example.

6. Make buying your coin easy

Give people the possibility to buy or sell your coin in the currency of their own country. You could list your coin on Indacoin, for a Fiat onramp. This way you can participate fully in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

7. Provide utility

‘Why should people use your coin?’ ‘What can it actually do what other coins can’t?’ Ask yourself these questions. Build unique features that people want to use and listen to your community to discover this. Build meaningful integrations with other crypto projects to expand this utility even more.

8. Keep crypto info on Coinranking up to date

Keep the info of your cryptocurrency easily up to date by filling in this form. (Like the name, the description, links to social media or if your coin is added to another exchange.)

9. Add your supply info

Add your supply info, for an accurate market cap. Do it yourself via Github, by adding your own driver. Or ask us via mail, and we will add the supply info for you.

10. Build strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are perfect to grow your project and to expand your audience. For example, tech companies, other crypto projects, exchanges, wallets, or price trackers could be suitable partners for you. Crypto events (in VR) are a great way to meet them.

And who knows, maybe your coin will be the next big crypto, one day!

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