& Coinranking to make security tokens accessible

New partner

We just added a new category assets to Coinranking, in cooperation with our new partner, which is the first exchange trading these assets; security tokens.

Security tokens explained

A security token is an outcome of the traditional stocks meeting blockchain technology. This type of token represents a stake in a company or asset, secured on the blockchain. 

First, assets are moved onto a blockchain. Then, tokens on the blockchain can be used to represent ownership in these assets. Now the tokens can be bought and sold on different exchanges, like on When all these assets are tokenized, they can be divided into smaller ownership stakes. It means that these shares can be owned by multiple and/or smaller parties because these smaller stakes are more manageable. (Read more about security tokens.)

Security tokens accessible to everyone is the world’s first regulated tokenized securities and award-winning platform. Here you can trade over 1300 tokenized assets including stocks, indices, commodities, and FX pairs. has highly advanced trading on charts and 75 accurate technical indicators to spot the best trading opportunities.

Coinranking‘s goal is to make crypto accessible to everyone, everywhere. does the same for the stock market. We think it’s great that these two worlds are meeting together, allowing people to step into both quite complicated worlds.

Find the security tokens in the list of cryptocurrencies and on the exchange page of, under markets.

All digital assets

We already have the most assets listed on Coinranking, and adding these security tokens, serves our goal to provide all digital assets on Coinranking. We’re also making our platform scalable to add non-fungible tokens. Read more about that in this blog article.

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