How to mint a CBRC-20 token? 

mint CBRC-20 tokens

There’s a lot of talk about token protocols lately. It started with ERC-20 and now we’ve seen the likes of BRC-20, SRC-20 and so on. Now come along, CBRC-20. It’s quite a tongue-twister. 

CBRC-20 also known as Cy[bord] is the proposal of a new efficient Metaprotocol standard for fungible tokens on Bitcoin through Ordinals. 

CBRC-20 keeps the same functional logic of BRC-20 while decreasing the cost of each inscription and simplifying the indexing process. 

So the main difference is that its more efficient and cheaper. Who doesn’t want that? 

CBRC-20 and the Cy[bord]

The C in CBRC-20 refers to Cyborg and this comes from it’s developers, CyBORg which are unidentified. 

The Cy[bord] team reportedly has future plans for the CBRC-20 protocol. According to them, “It will all make sense what we’re working on when we are able to roll out more of the project.”

Given CyBORg and the team’s apparent expertise in ordinals protocol and development in general, they have gained considerable attention.

How to mint CBRC-20 tokens? 

If you’re looking to mint CBRC-20 tokens, here’s how you can do it: 

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Connect your Unisat wallet.

Step 3: In the “Meta Attributes” section type:
— TICK:  JUNK (token you want to mint)
— AMT: 420

Step 4: Type whatever you want in “Content MIMETYPE”.

But, it’s best to type the name of your token so it’s easier for you to track it. 

Step 5: Click “Generate Transaction”

Step 6: Choose gas fee and click “SEND METAOP”

Step 7: Watch your transaction go through and lookout for the success popup. 

And just like that, you’ve minted your very own CBRC-20 token!

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