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Today, we’re going on a speed date with MakersPlace. We like to know everything about this dapp!

#Hi MakersPlace, can you introduce yourself?

“MakerPlace is the premier online gallery for buying and selling rare digital artwork. Each artwork that is uploaded through our website is converted into an NFT.”

#Why using NFTs? 

“Blockchain technology allows for the permanent marking and tracking of artwork thus providing authenticity and verifying originality. Converting digital art into NFTs has allowed principles of rarity to be applied to digital art, finally providing it with value in the eyes of collectors.”

#What is MakersPlace usual human type? 

“Anyone who is passionate and invested in the arts can come to us. Although at the moment, most of our collectors are well-versed in the world of NFTs and crypto, we hope to continue to expand and educate the traditional art world about the possibilities art as NFTs hold for the industry.”

“The primary reason our collectors purchase rare digital art (NFTs) is for a passion and love of the art itself. Many are displaying their artworks in virtual galleries, like those found in CryptoVoxels and Decentraland, while others are displaying directly on their walls through digital frames like those sold by Canvia. Some buy rare digital art as an investment and later resell it on the secondary market for a profit (in which the artist receives a 10% royalty).”

“NFTs have essentially legitimized the digital art market for the first time in history.”

#What makes NFTs so cool? 

“NFTs have essentially legitimized the digital art market for the first time in history. It is amazing to see the doors NFTs have opened for digital artists across the world. NFTs have also created an entirely new medium for artists to create in. No longer bound by geographic barriers, artists from anywhere in the world can now share their works with a vast audience and profit from their creations. The possibilities of NFTs are pretty limitless and it will be interesting to see what other industries it transforms and/or births.”

#Where do you think the NFT space will be in 2 years? 

“The growth the NFT space has witnessed even in the past year has been unbelievable, but it is undoubtedly just the beginning. The NFT space will continue to expand, both in its offerings and in its audience. Looking at the rare digital art space in particular, we can surely expect an increase in audience members coming over from traditional art spaces. In fact, we are already seeing at MakersPlace today, with esteemed traditional artists such as Terry Flaxton (video pioneer) and José Delbo (artist behind Wonder Woman, The Lone Ranger and more) debuting in the space and bringing their audiences with them. Current events such as COVID are actually accelerating this process, as people are looking for new ways to connect which the NFT space provides.”

NFT by José Delbo (artist behind Wonder Woman, etc.)

About MakersPlace

Check out the MakersPlace artworks on Coinranking, and fall in love with them as well! 

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