Are algorithms the new artists?

NFT generative art

The blockchain is full of them; all kinds of beautiful NFT artworks. Rarible, MakersPlace, and SuperRare are just some popular examples of platforms on which artists can sell their work as NFTs. These NFTs are sometimes sold for amounts that others can only dream of. Still, there is a lot of bafflement about these works of art: “What good is it if it’s digital?” Well, skeptics, you’re gonna love this! Ahem.

Digital artists make their appearance

Well, sort off… 

We’re talking about generative art. Art created by an algorithm. By code. Yup, really!

Actual humans provide code and a self-controlled mechanism creates random artwork on the blockchain. 

Artists ‘inspire’ the algorithms

Art Blocks is an example of such a platform. Artists come up with variables, linked as code to the platform, which will generate new combinations of the existing content randomly. The artworks are all different and unique and may appear as an image, animation, 3D model or yet something else. 

Art Blocks

Auto control or out of control?

Or take Autoglyphs; an experimental project by Larva Labs. (Larva labs are the creators of first NFT project CryptoPunks). An algorithm on Ethereum created unique Autoglyphs for its purchasers. Created because the algorithm closed itself after it reached the maximum number of 512 Glyphs. Larva Labs says it no longer controls the code that generated the art, nor the code that manages the ownership of the Autoglyps.

Cool fact is that all proceeds from the creation of Autoglyphs were being donated to an organization founded to combat climate change. (And that it has been donated is easy to verify thanks to the blockchain.)

Algorithms with big fat wallets

Collectors love digital artworks made by algorithms, given the high prices paid for them. Someone just asked 800 ETH for an Autoglyph; at the moment that’s worth $1,336,513.20! Hmm, would generative blog articles also catch on?

Artworks on Coinranking

👉 Check out all the Art Blocks NFTs on Coinranking.
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Edit: Since January 2022, Coinranking no longer provides data on non-fungible tokens. Read full announcement here: Back to simply crypto prices

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