An Ethereum Name Service (ENS) romance

ENS + Coinranking

Today, we’re going on an NFT speed date with ENS!

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a domain name system that allows you to have one name for all your cryptocurrency wallet addresses and (decentralized) websites. You’re able to receive payments in any cryptocurrency and send all your tokens to one easy-to-remember domain name. We could use CoinrankingIsAwesome.eth for example, instead of a complicated address like 0x71rjr49j4…

Maybe ENS will give us a cute nick-domain-name!

We’re getting to know ESN better through Brantly Millegan.

Hi Brantly, nice to meet you!
#What’s your relationship with ENS?

“I’m Director of Operations. I’ve been on the team since January 2019.”

#Could you tell us about the beginning of ENS? How & why did it all begin?

“ENS started as a side project of Nick Johnson and a few others at the Ethereum Foundation in 2016. It launched May 2017 and then spun out with a separate organization in mid-2018.”

#Do you personally own NFTs?

“Well I have ENS names, which are NFTs, and I also have some NFT art and badges.”

#Do you expect to see others (other use cases) in the near future, besides domain names?

“With ENS? No. With NFTs? Of course: art, gaming, collectibles, and much more!”

#What are more benefits of your service, besides protecting users from sending crypto to the wrong address?

“We also support decentralized websites, as well as any other arbitrary information, so projects can use ENS however they’d like.”

#What challenges did/do you encounter while building ENS?

“It’s hard building new technology! As with many projects, we often run into unexpected problems and delays. But the founder and lead dev Nick Johnson and the rest of our dev team are great and solve a lot of problems.”

“DNS namespace integration is coming soon, I promise!”

#We can imagine ENS is too busy for dating, due to working on great development. On what cool updates have you been working on, lately. 

“DNS namespace integration is coming soon, I promise! That means soon you’ll be able to use the .COM domain you already have on ENS.”

#What do you think of the fact that we have ENS integrated into Coinranking?

“Love it!”

Glad to hear!
#So, we’re curious, which cute nick-domain-name would you give us? 😏

“Hmm, well coinyranky.eth is available, just sayin’.”

Coinyranky, huh! Might be a keeper!
#Any dreams for the future?

“We view ENS as basic infrastructure not only for the blockchain community but for the whole internet.”

#Well, we hope to see your dreams come true! Unfortunately, we ran out of time. Thanks for the date! We truly believe ENS & Coinyranky are a good match! πŸ’›

About ENS

Check out the first ENS NFTs on Coinranking, and fall in love with them as well! 😍

πŸ‘‰ ENS website
πŸ‘‰ ENS on Twitter

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