Love is like art, with Rarible

Coinranking + Rarible

Who doesn’t love (crypto) love? And what’s more excited than getting to know someone in just a few minutes, and finding mutual interests…

Today, we’re on a speed date with Rarible! 🙌🏻

We like to know everything about this dapp. Rarible’s Head of Product & co-founder Alex will help us with that.

#Hi Alex, hope you’re not nervous about our speed date! We’re really excited! Could you first introduce yourself & Rarible? What’s your relationship with it?

“With pleasure!

I am Alex Salnikov, co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Rarible.

Rarible is a creator-centric NFT marketplace with $RARI governance token and a liquidity mining model for active creators and collectors. Rarible is an open platform, community-owned and governed. As of now, it is the #1 ranked NFT marketplace, having exceeded 11 million USD in total volume since the launch in late 2019!?”

#Sounds interesting! So, NFTs, why and how do you use these tokens?

“Non-fungible tokens are an Open, Programmable and Composable representation of digital rights to anything that’s ownable on-chain and non-countable: art, in-game assets, music, video, DeFi insurances and much more. Owners of these items on Rarible are entitled to certain intellectual property rights to the digital content they trade and hold.”

“Community moderation and verification have proven to be the most efficient methods of dealing with ‘copy-paste’ problem with NFTs.”

#Okay, but what are those rights worth if it’s still easy to ‘copy-paste’ images, and then claiming it’s yours or even saying you made it… How are you dealing with this?

“Community moderation and verification have proven to be the most efficient methods of dealing with ‘copy-paste’ problem with NFTs. Users can report the accounts and artworks that seem suspicious. We have also introduced the ‘verified authors’ status for creators with a trustworthy reputation.”

#Talking about users, what is Rarible’s usual human type? (Like target group)

“First of all, crypto natives. We know this audience and their needs, and do our best to keep them satisfied. 😉 And artists, of course.”

“Later on, we might see a shift from collectible NFTs to NFTs with a practical utility.”

#Do you expect to see others in the near future, besides digital art & collectibles?

“Well, there already are: in-game assets, metaverses lands, DeFi insurances.

In the nearest future, we at Rarible will support music and video NFTs (following huge demand from our community), other DeFi NFTs, domain names, and more. Later on, we might see a shift from collectible NFTs to NFTs with a practical utility.”

#And is Rarible suitable for daily life, right now?

“Yes it is! In fact, there is a vast community of users who go to Rarible everyday and browse it. Like TikTok! And there is much more to it further on the way. Almost half of existing & potential use cases are daily uses: playing games with in-game assets as NFTs, going VR with your friends with your NFT avatar.”

#So, great things are about to come. And what are your dreams for the future?

“Sometimes I drift away thinking that all digital content went on-chain in a programmable and composable manner. That you’re browsing social networks or sites the way you’ve got used to, and creators automatically receive their payments, capitalized on with compound percentages. When you go to a website that has a stock photo on the background, you are absolutely sure that it’s a paid one and all provenance is on-chain. That if you found some piece of digital content, you can just know whose that is and purchase a set of licenses for non/commercial use.

Or even better: I dream about taking a DeFi mortage to a house represented as an NFT on-chain!”

#Well, we hope to see your dreams come true! Unfortunately, we ran out of time. But, we believe Rarible & Coinranking are a great match! 💛

So, check out all Rarible NFTs on Coinranking, and fall in love with them as well! 😍

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