A sporty date with Sorare ⚽️


Who doesn’t love (crypto) love? And what’s more excited than getting to know someone in just a few minutes, and finding mutual interests…

Today, we’re on a speed date with Sorare! 🙌🏻

Sorare is a global fantasy football game where players can scout, collect & then compose their teams for competitions every weekend. This project is based in Paris, so, we expect quite some romance!

#Please introduce yourself & describe your relationship with Sorare?
“I’m Brian O’Hagan, Growth Lead at Sorare. I’ve been working in the crypto industry for the past 3,5 years and joined Sorare as team member number 7 in February 2020. Basically, my job at Sorare is to make sure we have more & more users and that these users stay playing Sorare for the long-term, so everything around customer acquisition, activation, retention.”

“These scarce digital goods backed by Ethereum are unlocking the act of collecting in the digital space.”

#Could you tell us about the beginning of Sorare? HOW and WHY did it all begin?
“In the summer of 2018, Nicolas Julia & Adrien Montfort decided to work on Sorare because they discovered NFTs and realized it enabled the creation of scarce digital items. They were immediately fascinated by it! These scarce digital goods backed by Ethereum are unlocking the act of collecting in the digital space.

As two huge football fans, they decided to create scarce digital cards mixed with one of the most coveted intellectual property in the world; football players. Now we had scarce digital cards. But since these cards are digital, they could give them utility. They made this new class of collectibles usable in a compelling fantasy game. That way, they could engage fans over the years, besides the act of collecting.”

“With NFTs, you can know the scarcity, you know it’s authentic, you know the provenance.”

#What’s the added value of digital football cards, as NFTs?
“Digital collectibles are on the rise. Each card is certified by a club or league and generated on the Ethereum blockchain, so there’s provable scarcity. Each card is unique. The bottom line: The last golden age of physical cards ended because companies oversaturated the market, which ultimately devalued the product.

With NFTs, you can know the scarcity, you know it’s authentic, you know the provenance. It’s a game-changer for collectors. However, there’s still a cultural shift to go from collecting physically to digitally.”

#What is Sorare’s usual human type? (Like the target group.)
“Most of our users are men & interested in football, fantasy sports, and card collecting. Actually, less than 50% of our users are interested in crypto. Most just love football.”❤️

#What challenges did you and your team encounter while building Sorare?
“Creating a game with blockchain assets. We want our game to become the next crypto consumer application and to do this we need to withdraw all the hurdles of using crypto and blockchain. That means that we pay gas for our users, that we help them on-ramp on Ethereum seamlessly etc. We also need to scale our game to thousands of transactions every week on Ethereum, thinking about zk-rollups, optimistic rollups, and layer 2s.”

#We can imagine Sorare is too busy for dating, due to working on great development. On what cool updates have you (yourself and the team in general) been working on, lately.
“We work on new features every week and push in production every day and week. Recently we’ve launched: 
An Ethereum on-ramp in the product with Ramp.network 
A referral program (if you buy 5 new cards you get 1 free card.)”

#Awesome! And can we expect more new features soon?
“Yes, we’re working on:
– A new onboarding that will make it easier for new users to understand what Sorare is about and hopefully get them hooked faster.
– Improving our gallery, where users can more easily share their collectibles, see how many collectibles they’ve collected.”

#What do you think of the fact that we have Sorare NFTs integrated into Coinranking?
“I’ve been very impressed by Coinranking’s NFT integration! It’s the first platform that integrates all NFT sales live, it’s very visual and I think it’s a great step forward for the NFT ecosystem. I personally didn’t know Coinranking before and have been checking ever since.”

#Well, thanks, we love to hear that! So, what are your dreams for the Sorare future?
“Fantasy sports games that provide digital ownership and better fan engagement are one of the most exciting near-term consumer applications in crypto. I would like us to popularize NFTs and Ethereum through a consumer application that goes mainstream with millions of users.”

“I would bring Coinranking to Stade Bauer to see a game there & to get a feel of a very popular club in the suburbs of Paris!” 🥰

#We assume you like football as an activity; would you take us on a football date? 😏
“For sure, I’m a fan of Red Star FC, 3rd Division football in France. I would bring you to Stade Bauer to see a game there and have a feel of a very popular and people’s club in the suburbs of Paris!”

#We’ve almost come to the end of our date! Last quick question, what is your favorite football card?
“Right now, it’s my Maradona card. Because it’s Maradona, he’s a legend! He just died and this is a bit of him with me in the digital world.”

#Unfortunately, we ran out of time. But hey, we believe Sorare & Coinranking are a great match! Thanks for the amazing date.💙

About Sorare

So, check out all the Sorare football cards on Coinranking, and fall in love with them as well! 😍

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