The 10 best crypto news sites in 2022

What are the best sources for your daily dose of crypto news? We’ve made a list of news sites for you to follow.

The best crypto news sites

1. Cointelegraph

If you want to know everything, you can easily double your screen time by following Cointelegraph. The images are iconic and they’re always ahead of the latest news.

2. CoinDesk

They strive to be reliable and most trusted. And they are.


Contrary to what the name suggests, its news is not limited to Bitcoin. 😉

4. Decrypt

With its easy-to-read language, and extra articles explaining trending topics in simple words, Decrypt is a great source that makes difficult crypto subjects easier to understand.

5. Bitcoin Magazine

Established in 2012, Bitcoin Magazine is the oldest source of news and information on Bitcoin, its underlying blockchain technology, and the industry that has been built up around it.

6. NewsBTC

They’re fast in providing technical analyses for 6 major coins, in addition to regular news and reviews.

7. Bitcoinist

With almost 2 million visitors per month and daily news updates, Bitcoinist can definitely be used as a news source variation.

8. Forbes

You’re probably already familiar with Forbes, the well-known business magazine. They have a special section devoted to crypto and blockchain.

9. Financial Times

Can’t help but say that it makes more than sense that crypto is covered by Financial Times.

10. Cryptoslate

Apart from crypto news, CryptoSlate covers a wide range of information regarding ICOs, crypto ranking, and events. 

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