Top 10 best crypto podcasts in 2022

crypto podcasts

Catch up on the crypto latest news and learn more about blockchain while you’re buying croissants at the bakery, walking your cat, trying your running shoes for the first time in the park, or just want to sit still and listen to all things crypto. A list of the best podcasts for you, to have hours and hours of neat listening material.

The top 10 best crypto podcasts

1. Unchained

Tags: #pioneers #journalism #trendingtopics
Host: Laura Shin
Podcast duration: ±
45 – 60 min
Episodes per week:

“Your no-hype resource for all things crypto.” Laura Shin interviews key figures, from politicians to CEOs, who give their opinions on trending crypto topics.

2. Unconfirmed

Tags: #newsheadlines
Host: Laura Shin

Podcast duration: ± 30 – 45 min
Episodes per week:

Also by Laura Shin, but as she explains herself: “Unconfirmed covers the news and is shorter.”

3. The Pomp Podcast

Tags: #entrepreneur #bullish #fun
Host: Anthony Pompliano (Pomp)
Podcast duration: ± 8 – 50 min
Episodes per week:

Podcast by Anthony Pompliano, or Pomp for short as his followers call him, gets a great score in the podcast app, probably because of the likable Pomp himself, and the variety of crypto topics he covers.

4. What Bitcoin Did

Tags: #allthingsbitcoin
Host: Peter McCormack
Average podcast duration: ± 90 – 120 min
Episodes per week: 3

Peter McCormack interviews experts in the world of Bitcoin development, privacy, investment, and adoption. The guests Peter speaks with, show a broad range of opinions and knowledge available about Bitcoin.

5. CRYPTO 101

Tags: #cryptoprojects #introductions #entrepreneurs
Hosts: Bryce Paul & Aaron Malone
Podcast duration: ± 30 min
Episodes per week: 2

If you want to know more about all different crypto projects, this podcast is highly recommended. Bryce Paul, a crypto business development professional, and Aaron Malone, a crypto advisor and researcher describe their podcast as “the Average Consumers’ Guide to Cryptocurrency”.

6. Stephan Livera Podcast

Tags: #technology #economics
Host: Stephan Livera
Podcast duration: ± 60 min
Episodes per week: 2

Stephan talks to the “sharpest economic and technical minds in Bitcoin and Austrian Economic”, allowing you to better understand crypto and its technology.

7. Epicenter

Tags: #interviews #techcompanies
Hosts: Sebastien Couture, Brian Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal and Friederieke Ernst

Podcast duration: ± 80 min
Episodes per week:

This weekly podcast belongs on this list since it has been around the longest. Some say the sound quality is also from 2013, but that’s also what gives the podcast the community feel of the early bitcoin meetings before the subject became actually cool.

8. Bankless

Tags: #DeFi #Ethereum #web3
Hosts: David Hoffman & Ryan Sean Adams
Podcast duration: ± 90 min
Episodes per week: ± 5

Are you just entering the world of crypto? Then Bankless might be a little bit too technical for you. Economists David and Ryan take a deeper dive into decentralized finance and are bullish on Ethereum.

9. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Tags: #humor #beginners #allthingscrypto
Hosts: Joel Comm & Travis Wright
Podcast duration: ± 60
Episodes per week: 2

Podcast best described by this review: “Never could have imagined listening to men talking about blockchain would be this fun!”.

10. Cryptocast

Tags: #Dutch #cryptonews
Host: Herbert Blankesteijn
Podcast duration: ± 25 min
Episodes per week:

Actually, this podcast might not be for everyone as it is in Dutch, but it has a special place in my heart since it was the first crypto podcast I listened to.

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