The 10 best crypto newsletters to subscribe to in 2022

crypto newsletters

Let’s agree that a newsletter is not at all old-fashioned. Receiving the crypto highlights of that week in your mailbox; it couldn’t be easier! We’ve made you a list of the ones that are worth subscribing to.

The 10 best crypto podcasts

1. Messari

When: Monday – Friday
By: Ryan Selkis
What: “Unqualified Opinions,” Ryan shares his takes on crypto markets and the latest crypto news.

2. Unchained

When: Monday – Friday
By: Laura Shin
What: Easy to understand overview of the crypto news highlights.

3. The Pomp Letter

Quantity: 3-5 per week
By: Anthony Pompliano
What: Analyzing business, finance and finance industries.

4. The Bitcoin Forecast

Quantity: ± 1 per week
By: Willy Woo
What: Predictive changes in BTC price directionality, discusses the current crypto market macrostructure, and shares on-chain research material.

5. Coindesk

When: Depends on your subscription
By: Coindesk
What: Choose from different topics to subscribe to, such as news and crypto price movements.

6. The Wolf Den Crypto Newsletter

When: Monday – Friday
By: Scott Melker (The Wolf Of All Streets)
What: Cryptocurrency analysis, charts, education and lessons on trading psychology and emotion.

7. Marty’s Ƀent

When: Daily
By: Marty Bent
What: Thoughts on all the information Marty found interesting in the Bitcoin world in the last 24 hours.

8. CoinMarketCap

When: Monday – Friday
By: CoinMarketCap
What: Crypto market analysis, news and updates. (Yes, our competitor, but nevertheless, we don’t want to deprive you. ;))

9. Hashed

When: Daily
By: Hashed
What: Enables you to understand todays crypto news within 5 min. A subscription costs $5 per month.

10. The Block

Quantity: 7 days per week
By: The Block
What: The latest news on digital assets, crypto, and fintech

11. Fintech news


By: Alts
What: Keep yourself updated with Fintech news and other information related to the tech world as much as possible.

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