5 minutes with CEO of DDKoin, Nurshuhada Zainal

Interview DDKoin CEO Nurshuhada Zainal

Coinranking gives all the information you need on thousands of cryptocurrencies. But what are they all about and who is behind them?

We asked several cryptocurrency projects for 5 minutes of their time to get the answers. All within a 5-minute read! Today, we speak with the CEO of DDKoin, Nurshuhada Zainal from Kuala Lumpur. Let’s go!

“I think, by seeing the world already moving to decentralization through crypto, it will be huge all over the world.”

In case someone has never heard about DDKoin, how would you describe it?

“DDK is a community platform that we are developing since 2016. We went from an ICO project and migrated to the DDK blockchain with a native coin that we called DDKoin. We have built the DDK protocol and technology from scratch, with 250 transactions per block (10 seconds). Our platform has over a hundred delegates. They are running their nodes decentralized in more than ten countries and now we have about 264,000 stakeholders globally.”

How do people use DDKoin in their daily life?

“DDKoin isn’t basically just an investment tool in a digital world, it’s also a utility token for our community. It’s used as a payment method, by transferring value based on its price on global cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our community consists of different kinds of people, such as students, business people and professionals. We’ve created an ecosystem that has benefits for our users, using DDKoin in their products and services as a payment method. The fee you pay when conducting a DDKoin transfer is very small. It’s a 0.001% percentage of each amount of DDK transacted. We also have a staking contract for the long term financial management of DDKoin.”

What exciting platform updates or product features have you launched, in recent times?

“We have a few collaborations with global exchanges, like Simex. We also have added a feature for the ease of trading account management for people who are new in this trading world. To get a share of trading profits, users can send their account ID to other traders and let them sign up to the platform.”

Recently, we have launched a DDK block explorer. This block explorer lets people monitor transactions and check account balances easily. Other features are the monitoring of delegate nodes, total stakeholders, supply info, stake amount and much more.

The delegates are in direct contact with the DDK developers and receive support for setting up their servers and connect to nodes in the network.”

What does the near future of DDKoin hold?

“We are developing a lot of things, like:

  • Functional Smart contracts for the DDK platform
  • New web application for the block explorer
  • Virtual Machine for executing smart contracts on the DDK blockchain
  • SDK (software development kit) for the existing DDKoin API
  • Developer documentation
  • Payment widget
  • Merchant apps”

Share something exciting with us that you haven’t announced before.

“With the DDK Foundation we continuously work on education and awareness about fintech. Currently, we are organizing a blockchain event that will be held in Kuala Lumpur, on October 19, 2019. De DDK technology will be introduced at this event, to attract investors and new partners.”

Which challenges did you conquer when building out DDKoin? What did you do to overcome them?

“One of the biggest challenges was the migration of data, talking about millions of DDK assets, to the DDK Blockchain. Thanks to a great team of developers, auditors, the Foundation team and partners (including the trusted delegates), we managed to do this big migration.

We want to keep our DDK community informed about the process and progress of the new built platform. Good communications, announcements and organising meetings for our community is hereby really important.

And we are very glad that we’ve finally managed to release the DDK mainnet. DDKoin is now listed on two global exchanges in the CMC top 100; the first is Simex, a publicly listed company in the US, and DOBI Trade in China. And of course, we are now listed on Coinranking.com, on which we made the top 100 in the ranking.”

“I really believe in a good work-life balance, to be most productive and flexible during working hours.”

Could you describe a typical day at the office?

“Actually I travel a lot for my work. I have meetings with our community and leaders, and I often speak on events about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in different countries. Our team normally works online, but sometimes we do have meetings together, about strategy and new activities.

I really believe in a good work-life balance, to be most productive and flexible during working hours. I rather motivate my team, than to force them to do their tasks. Not just for the benefit of the projects, but also for having them the best spare time, besides work.” 

What unusual work tradition do you have as a team? (At Coinranking we play frisbee together after lunch, for our daily exercise.)

“Hmm, we don’t play frisbee, our office is a co-working place but… we do have a chill area where we can play on the football table, or play pool. And we have a library for reading. At the moment we are renovating our office, which we call ‘Blockspace Malaysia’. This place is perfect for meetings and for our team to meet up in the cafe on the ground floor.”

Where will the crypto space be in five years?

“I think, by seeing the world already moving to decentralization through crypto, it will be huge all over the world. It will be usable and common for everyone and it will be used as a payment method in every country, because it’s safe and fast. Furthermore, education and knowledge about crypto will be even more widely spread than today.”

Lastly, do you have any final things we should know about DDkoin?

“I hope that the DDK platform and its technology will be the best financial solution provider for everyone.”

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